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      1. Xiangyang Auto Bearing Co., Ltd

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        Dear friends,

        Welcome to www.www.mojpiar.com.

        Xiangyang Automobile Bearing Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred toas ZXY) was a national key project invested by the governmentin the forth five-year-plan. ZXY hasmade great contributes to national automotive industry and bearing industrythese years, which has kept domestic advanced level in research and developmentof automobile bearing. In terms of product technology and quality, ZXY issecond to none in the industry.

        ZXY is the biggest automobile bearing manufacturer in China,which covers the most comprehensive automobile bearings and models. ZXY canserve for all kinds of heavy-duty, middle-duty, light-duty and originalequipment market and aftermarket. ZXY has anautomobile bearing research institution, which has an importantinfluence on drawing up national automobile bearing standard and majorscientific projects. ZXY has complete detection means and sound quality controlsystem, and acquired ISO9001and ISO/TS16949 certificates. ZXY products enjoy ahigh reputation in automobile accessory market at home and abroad.

        Our target is trying our best to make the best automobilebearing in China; our service aim is do as customer expect, change as customeradvise. ZXY sincerely hope to cooperate with all walks of life and go forwardhand in hand to create a brilliant tomorrow!



        Best regards,

        Gao Shaobing

        Chairman of Xiangyang Automobile Bearing Co., Ltd

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